Lonely Peaks

Welcome to the 'Lonely Peaks' visualization!

This visualisation gives some insights about the peaks and aerialways in Voralberg.

  • click on a area to filter peaks by this area
  • click on an arealway to highlight the path to the nearest peak
  • hover over a peak to highlight the path to the nearest aerialway
  • use the slider on the right to filter peak by altitude
  • use mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • double click to zoom in
  • hold left mouse button and move mouse to drag map
  • click the help button for help :)
Filter Peaks by Altitude

This visualization is based on data extracted from OpenStreetMap ( © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende) and therefore under the licenced under the ODbl (except the evalation data).

Elevation images rendered from data obtained from Jonathan de Ferranti's website viewfinderpanoramas

Data processing was done in Python, gdal and various linux shell commands. The visualization is created with d3.js.